Baton Rouge's Largest Dance Club.. Hands Down...

Baton Rouge's Top Dance Floor & Best light show.. Hands Down...


Splash is like no other dance club.  It is not based or created off of any other.  It is its own!


  NOW FEATURING 2 DANCE FLOORS!!!   Featuring 3 bars & 5 bartenders... there is plenty of room to get a drink, even with the large crowd.


Splash is 2 bars in one! It features 2 types of music playing in our 7 different rooms.   With some featuring 2 areas.  Types of music you will hear is House / Techno / Club / Hip Hop, in main Splash, and hip hop / pop / country / Remixed / Rap / Rock & Roll (aka any and everything) in the Splash Upstairs bar!   And our music isn't played by the same DJ every night to hear the same thing... Splash has a line up of over 4 rotating DJs!


Splash is known for staying on top of the game, bringing new features all the time, The only BR Dance club with a "Dance box."  Our dance floor features a Co2 system that will drop the dance floor 30 degrees on demand! 


Splash brings you the  best drag show in Baton Rouge, not our opinion, just ask around!  It is featured on a real stage, curtains and all!    Our stage also features not a 5ft, not a 12ft, but a 24 ft screen playing the hottest dance videos!


No No..we arent bragging... its just really that good!


Splash... the party is just getting started!


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