It's where the party is at!

It's all about the experience!

The Dance Floor...

Splash's dance floor is the place to be on a Saturday night!  The largest dance floor in the capital city equiped with a state of the art light show and a digital sound sytem to keep you dancing "all night long!"  Now featuring a gigantic Video Wall!

The Bar ...

2 large bars with 4 bartenders ready to craft you the perfect cockail!  Want a classic? Or maybe a Splash original like the "StarBurst".. Splash is ready to serve you!

The Patio ...

The patio is where it is at when you want to chill out, and Splash's patio is where it is at!  Be at the party, but in your zone on our spacious patio equiped with today's hit music & HD tvs to keep your party going!  Now featuring new furniture!


"The best dance club in baton rouge, hands down!  I've been going there since 18 and still love it!"

Meg P. - Yelp Review

"Great club, very friendly staff."

Robert L - Yelp Review

"Cory has done a fantastic job of reviving the Opinions/Neiman's ghost.  This place brings back so many memories over the years.  I am glad to see the same vibe is still there as it has always been."

Chad M. - Yelp Review

A bit about Splash...

The bar before Splash, Icon, was purchased in 2003 and changed to Splash in January of 2004 after a 2 week shut down remodel ... And we still haven't stopped!

One thing about Splash is when you come in, you never know what will be different.  We pride ourselves in helping bring your night life experience to the next level.  Since the start Splash has brought many innovative changes to night life in Baton Rouge!

Splash is the only dance floor in Baton Rouge, and maybe the state with a built in Co2 System that can instantly drop the dance floor 30 degrees at the press of a button!.. And it looks DAMN good when it does it!!  We have an upgraded digital sound system with top of the line mixing equipment for the DJ to keep you of the dance floor all night long!  Our light show is state of the art and always bringing changes, such as our new high powered RGB lazer to illuminate your night life experience!

We also provide 2 large spacious bars downstairs with 4 bartenders so it is always easy to get yourself something refreshing.  Plenty of seating is provide in many areas at Splash.  Besides the bar area we also provide a billiards room complimented by a fire place and table top seating, a spacious balcony with table and booth style seating, a pit area with table side seating, and a large patio with plenty of out door seating!

Come check us out, and let Splash be where your party is at!

Meet the team...

These are the people who help keep Splash where your party is at!


Cory Wise - Owner

The man, they myth, the legend!  He brought Splash "back home" many years ago and is responsible for delivering you the ultimate nightlife experience!


Quentin - Manager

He started out as a camera guy and worked his way up.  For almost 17 years now he helps bring you the ultimate night life experience.


Allyson - Bartender

From door girl to bartender!  Everyone loves Allyson!  Now you can find her behind the bar making it just how you like it!



Kidd - Bartender

Part of our team for many years, the amazing Andre is always ready to sling you the drinks, just how you like them!! 


Junior - Bartender

The newest member of our team, Junior is ready to bring a smile to your face, and craft your cocktails to perfection!


Hunter - Bartender

It's always a good time with Hunter!  He is a well experienced drink specialist that is not only amazing, but his drinks are too.


Justin - Bar Back

One of the men behind the service!  You use to see him at the front door, and now he is making sure that your fun doesn't stop .


Aaron - Bar Back

If it's needed behind the bar, you shall not wait!  Aaron helps keep the night flowing to make sure the bartenders have what they need to serve you perfectly.


Cameron - Door Sec.

The first face you see when you walk thru the door, and is guaranteed to light up yours!  Have your ID ready :)



Corey - Disc Jocky

Corey has been playing for "Splash" for 19 years now, and he still packs the dance floor today as he did when he started.  One of the "originals" that everyone loves!


Ruff - Disc Jocky

As our resident house DJ, Ruff  will keep you on the dance floor!  From hip hop to edm, he plays it all and is ready to "see ya on the box!"


T - Security

If you have ever came to Splash, you know who T is!  He keeps everything in order to make sure you stay dancing, all night long!



Jeff - Lights tech

Some say it's all about the lights, and Jeff comes thru with making you believe its true.  Not only will the dance floor be rocking, but Jeff will make sure the light show is too!... Literally!  Come see!


London Manchester

Starting as the first winner of Drag Search, London has risen to the top with her EPIC performances and stage grace.  She is one of your Bombshells of Baton Rouge.



Nakita London

Our newest Bombshell, Nakita, is bound to entertain you like no other, as her performances will leave you saying yes queen, SLAYYYY!



Santana A. Savage

The beauty, and the mouth!  Our southern siren is nothign short of FIERCE, and her performances are sickening!  She is one of your Bombshells of Baton Rouge