Paint Party 5/07/16

End of School

Lets get this paint started! SQUIRT WHOOOO! Slime time!
There is a Daniel in the mist! The reason you were a painted mess! Peace out... Paint town! Rami covering up the good part of the photo!
Spray Me! Spray Me! Packed Dance floor! Put them hands up! Go for the face!
Color by Number   GHOSTBUSTERS!   Pump Up the Jam!   Raise your hand if you had a great time!
That shirt didn't stay white long! Just get in your undies!   Oh look..this guy right here is taking our photo!   It's peanut butter & Jelly Time!
How do you go to a paint party and end up with nothing on you?  When you are by the bar drinking all the soco & lime!          

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