Splash Anniversary 1/29/16

Derrick Barry Night

Getting ready for the show! Wobble Baby! Is it showtime yet? Shots! Shots!
Dancin' til the world ends! Is it time yet? The Show is about to start! Britneeeeeee!
Danisha doin' her thing! Hello Derrick! Show us what you got! OMG! Its Britney Spears!
Ya Better Work!   1,2,3   Gimme More!   Oh oh Baby!
It's Britney Bitch   Work, Work!   Britnee giving it to yall!   Hello Fans!
OOPS...   ..I did it again!   Toxic!   Want a piece of me?
Get it Derrick!   CRAZY!   I'm not a girl...   ...not yet a woman!
She is so lucky...   ...She's a star!   Packed Night!   No room left!

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